When it comes to COVID-19, the disease caused by the new coronavirus, older people are more vulnerable. Research shows that adults 55 of age and older, especially those with preexisting medical conditions like lung disease, heart disease, cancer, or diabetes, are more likely to have severe or even deadly coronavirus infection than other age groups.

How can we continue to keep them healthy and happy without putting them at risk? The simple answer is to do it from a distance. Whether they live with you or in a different neighborhood or city, there are several ways to keep your parents safe, well-fed, fit, and feel loved without going to their house. Here are some excellent ideas to inspire you.

Follow guidelines to ensure you don’t get infected.

If you live with your parents, the most vital thing as a caretaker is to take care of you. Ensure that you take all the precautions and guidelines set to avoid becoming infected yourself. Here are some basics.

  • Clean your hands often with soap and water, or use an alcohol-based sanitizer often. This should be done before and after providing care, preparing their food, using the bathroom, or touching public surfaces.
  • When going out, ensure you’re always wearing a mask to avoid contracting the disease from others. You can buy your masks from https://facemasks-uk.com/.
  • Avoid touching your face.
  • Avoid overcrowded places, and if you cough or sneeze, do so into a disposable tissue or on the elbow’s bend.
  • Always try to clean frequently touched surfaces of your home by use of disinfectants. Surfaces should also include medical equipment used by your parents, as well as mobility equipment such as canes, walkers, and handrails.

Make delivery service arrangements for your aging parents.

Reduced mobility, lack of transportation, and social distancing make it even harder for older adults. However, you can make it easier for your parents by going through their list of essentials, and then setting up a delivery service for as many as you can. You can do the ordering or take them through the whole process step by step. Consider the following: 

  • Set up household items delivery services through their local stores or Amazon.
  • Set up their prescription medication delivery with their local pharmacy.
  • Set up already prepared meal delivery services through local restaurants that offer such services.
  • Set up a grocery delivery through the local grocery store, and have them delivered to their home.

Stay in constant contact with them.

It’s essential to keep in constant contact with your aging parents and make them feel loved and cared for. While a phone call won’t replace the hugs and kisses and shared meals, it’s much better than not communicating. Call your parents once a day through Zoom or any other video call options. Involve everyone in the family in the calls, especially the grandchildren. It would make your parents happy and avoid any feelings of loneliness.  

You can also encourage your parents to stay connected with their friends. They can play chess, cards, or checkers with their friends online. This helps maintain the vibrant social life they once had before the pandemic.