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How to grow cannabis flowers

Like many other plants, you can grow cannabis flowers at home. We can grow cannabis flowers at home in different ways. You can have a small pot with a beautiful undersized plant on the windowsill, shining in the light during flowering. Someone might grow a whole room with many bushes.

How to grow cannabis flowers at home? It’s easier than it sounds. The plant needs to get lighting, watering, fertilizers, suitable air temperature, and humidity. Choosing the best, highest quality soil for your plants is a key factor in producing healthy, beautiful blooms. Of course, free space and soil are also a must. Shango cannabis flowers have come up with a perfect plan for you to grow cannabis flowers yourself.

Growing Box

You can place the plant on the balcony or window sill, but in this case, it will always be in sight. Its light mode will depend on the length of the day and night outside the window. Maintaining a constant temperature and humidity for cannabis flowers in such conditions will be very problematic.

The best option for growing cannabis flowers at home is the grow box, a closed box-shaped contraction that creates its microclimate for the favorable growth of plants inside. In the grow box, lighting, ventilation, and cannabis flower pot are available. Inside, you have to maintain the necessary temperature and humidity.

Cannabis flowers Growing technique

Any closed design of a suitable size can be a grow box: a kitchen cabinet, a cupboard, a small pantry, and even a computer system unit. If you don’t have something suitable, you can independently assemble it from the chipboard. The main thing is that you keep it closed there is enough room for plants inside. If you want to learn how to make a grow box, here’s a comprehensive guide.

The inner surface of the grow box is sheathed with reflective material, such as foil or white acrylic paint. Install DNAT, ESL, or LED lamps, which you can connect to a timer for convenience. Blow fresh air into the structure by ventilation, which you should remove too. Most growers use computer coolers for this.

Favorable conditions for growing domestic cannabis flowers

A microclimate inside the grow box ensures healthy growth, and the amount of cannabis harvest directly depends on it. It can be called favorable if you observe the following parameters:

  • Air temperature is between +18 and +27 degrees. The most favorable for cannabis is a mark of +24 degrees
  • Constant light mode is supported. For an auto-flowering cultivar, the day should last 18 hours throughout the entire life cycle, and the night should be 6. Photoperiod cultivars require a regime of 18/6 at the vegetation stage and 12/12 at the flowering stage
  • The humidity inside the grow box should be around 40-60%. To reduce the risk of mold formation in cones at the flowering stage, the humidity is best at 45-55%
  • Plants are watered as the soil dries. Water for irrigation is better to pre-defend
  • Cannabis flowers feed on minerals and trace elements. The main fertilizers are: nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium
  • The level of acidity (pH) should be at around 5.5-6.5
  • The conductivity index (EC) is between 0.75 to 2.0

How to grow cannabis flowers at home: tips and tricks

  • It will be comfortable and safer if you keep the electronics outside the growing zone. You can create a separate upper compartment inside, or place it outside the grow box
  • For the cones to produce more resin at the final stage of maturation, the humidity in the grow box in the last two/three weeks should be low at 20%
  • To develop additional THC crystals, it is necessary to completely turn off the light in the grow box two days before the harvest
  • The use of reflective material will additionally insulate the structure
  • In the cannabis flowers flowering stage, it is better to water one / two times later to create a water shortage. It will positively affect the quality of the crop
  • To strengthen the stems and improve the productivity of the plant, simulate the wind in the grow box. To do this, use an additional cooler that blows on them

Cannabis seed selection

Auto New York City

“New York” is an auto-flowering feminized variety with a decent reputation. Sativa predominates in the hybrid genotype, which causes a killer invigorating effect with a soft relaxation phase at the end. The THC content in cones reaches 18%, CBD -0.4%, and CBN -0.9%. Such an amount of active substances allows the strain to be important for medical purposes. The cannabis plant grows up to 130 cm in height, brings up to 120 grams of the crop from the bush and blooms for eight weeks. It is endow with resistance to diseases and fungi. Auto New York City is characterized by a memorable taste of grapefruit and orange, complemented by notes of grapes and spices.

White Widow Auto

Every grower should grow the “White Widow” variety. This legendary strain is famous for its stunning, long-lasting mixed effects. It first causes euphoria, invigorates and enlightens the mind, and then relaxes the body and sends it to nirvana. Plants of the variety are resistant to diseases and parasites, unpretentious in cultivation, bring 150 grams of the crop from the bush and grow up to 130 cm. When the cones bloom, they distinguish a delicate aroma of pine mixed with notes of citrus fruit. The life cycle of White Widow Auto plants lasts 11-12 weeks.


The Shark strain stands out with its ultra-sweet taste and alluring sweet aroma. It is bred from Super Skunk and Northern Lights. The genotype of the variety is 80% Indica and 20% Sativa. This proportion brings a killer stone effect, which magnet attracts to the sofa and plunges into a bottomless sea of ​​thoughts. Bushes grow to 130 cm in height, and it takes 55 days to mature. Cones are covered with a plentiful layer of resin and can bring 200-1200 grams of the crop from the bush. To obtain large volumes of the crop, you should plant the brood in large pots. The variety contains 18% THC, 0.8% CBD and 0.5% CBN.

Misty Kush

The photoperiod Misty Kush comes from the high-yielding strain of Medusa and the resinous variety Master Kush. Genetically, it consists of 80% of the genes of Indica and 20% of Sativa. Externally, plants stand out with large oval leaves, dark green. In height, they reach 100 cm. Cola has a triangular shape, which allows you to place an abundance of resinous cones on itself. The variety responds well to the methods of growing SOG and SCROG. Under favorable conditions, it brings up to 550 grams of crop per 1 square meter. The flowering stage takes 8-10 weeks. Exposure brings a relaxing stone effect, which is ideal for relaxation.


The method of cultivating cannabis flowers at home is called indoor planting, which means growing marijuana plants in an enclosed area. This method has its advantages and is popular among growers.

Domestic cannabis flowers will always warm the soul of a grower, decorate a home greenhouse or interior, and delight you with the harvest.


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