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How to Give a Great Massage at Home

Everyone is an expert at receiving massages, but giving one can be a little trickier. How do you know if you are good at giving a massage? To make sure the recipient is really enjoying themselves, you need to learn a little about the basics of therapeutic and relaxing massage. If you want a foolproof method for giving a good massage, follow these simple tips.

Talk to the Recipient about Their Preferences

One of the most important things to remember with any massage is that everyone is different. Some people may feel like a massage is bad when you are not pounding their muscles into a pulp, while others may wince at the slightest bit of pressure. Chatting with the person before you massage them is a great way to learn about how they want their massage before you begin. Ask them if there are any sensitive areas they would prefer to avoid, and check to see how much pressure they prefer. Once you are ready to begin, use light or firm circular strokes to relax the muscles. Check-in with the person once or twice, asking if they want you to switch up the pressure or focus on any areas. However, remember not to ask too often, or your recipient might not be able to relax and focus onĀ enjoying their massage!

Create a Calming Mood

The environment in a massage makes a huge difference. First of all, you need to create a location where the person getting the massage can be comfortable. This may be a soft bed for them to lie down on, or a reclining chair for them to sink into. For massages, where a person removes their shirt or other clothing, make sure the room is warm without being too hot. If possible, dim the lights or drape a scarf over a nearby lamp to create mood lighting. For an extra romantic vibe, some people like turning out all the lights and winding a string of fairy lights around the room. Try to appeal to all the senses by playing some light music and burning a scented candle or running an essential oil atomizer. Consider having a few musical and scent options available, so the person getting the massage can choose their personal preferences.

Stock Up on High Quality Oils, Lotions, and Creams

It is almost impossible to give a good massages when you are using nothing but your bare hands. The problem with skipping lotion or oil is that it leads to a lot of friction that can make a massage feel unpleasantly rough. For an even more memorable massage, check out lotions and creams that contain actively soothing ingredients. Options like scented lavender oils or CBD topicals can enhance any massages and make sure your recipient is truly relaxed. For optimal enjoyment, always warm hands and any massage lotions before you use them, so you are not shocking the recipient with a sudden, icy temperature. You can warm your hands by rubbing them together or washing them in hot water. To keep oils and creams at a pleasant temperature, you can ensure they are in a waterproof bottle before placing them in a dish of warm water.

With these tips, you can be confident in your massage giving skills. As long as you remember to take it slow and consider the personal preferences of the person getting the massage, you can provide a relaxing and enjoyable experience.


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