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How To Find The Best Hospice Care For A Sick Child

Putting a loved one into hospice care is scary for a lot of people. There is so much that families don’t yet understand, and the idea of handing someone over to hospice care may be frightening. This step can be more worrisome to families who have to put children into hospice care. If your family isn’t sure how to find the best hospice care for your child, it can feel like a big wall to climb. Instead of working to figure it out on your own, he’s a breakdown of how to shop around for the best hospice care possible.

Look As Locally As Possible

It would help if you found a hospice close to your home. If you don’t, you could be stuck having to drive a long period to see the child. This distance could dissuade you, or other loved ones, from visiting as often and may leave the patient feeling alone or forgotten. Find a hospice facility that’s within ten to twenty minutes of your home, that you can easily visit without feeling like you’re going too far out of your way.  

Check for Kids Wards

Children’s hospice care isn’t as rare as it may seem. Most hospice facilities have a branch, or small ward, just for children. This space means that the sick child in your life will have friends with which to spend their time. These other children will know what your child is going through, and can make the transition easier. It won’t be like summer camp; it’s still a medical facility, but it can make the social changes easier for you. If there aren’t any children’s wards near you, you may have to look further out, ensure that you’ll be able to make the drive as often as possible to visit. Kids need family and loved ones to feel loved and stable.

Look Into Reviews

Reading reviews is a must. These reviews will tell you what past patients have experienced and what you can expect for your child. These reviews are useful because they mean you can feel for the facility without having to go to every facility in your area. If you’re able to, consider getting in contact with family members of current patients, or past patients, and ask about their personal experiences. The facility can vastly change how your child experiences life for one to six months, so it must be well researched.

Take Tours of Facilities

Once you’ve narrowed down your family’s choices to one to two facilities, ask if you can take a tour.  Many will offer a digital tour if their patients are at risk, while others will let you have a walkthrough. Ask questions while you’re there about any concerns you have. If you aren’t sure, you’ll be able to remember all of your questions, bring a notebook and jot down your essential items ahead of time. This notebook will also give you a place to take down any critical answers or facts that you think you’ll need to reference later. If the sick child in your life can tour with you, take them so that they can help pick the facility. This hospice is where they’ll be living; it’s essential that it’s somewhere they like.


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