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How To Choose a Medical Supplies Provider

Medical supplies manufacturers of all sizes stand to benefit when their suppliers and management experts establish partnerships. Forward-thinking suppliers understand the importance of building these partnerships with the medical device industry.

For medical supplies applications involving seals, bearings, silicone tubing, over-molded assemblies, sanitary gaskets, or liquid injection molding (LIM) products, the following factors should be considered when selecting a supplier:

Innovation: Product design, technology, and/or ideas can make a positive impact on medical supplies. Medical suppliers are frequently able to assist manufacturers by collaborating on advanced designs and materials through shoulder-to-shoulder engineering strategies.

Quality commitment: It comes as no surprise that product quality is considered an important factor when selecting a supplier. Suppliers’ approaches to problem-solving, preventative maintenance methods, ISO certifications, and equipment calibration methods are specifics in this area. In order to deliver real quality control standards and measurement methods, you should ask your supplier to include quality control personnel on its team.

Systems for delivering advanced products: Total product costs can be reduced. This can be achieved by streamlining work processes (new product design, scheduling, inventory management, etc.) or replacing expensive parts with less expensive but equally useful replacement parts.

The ability to provide local support and a global reach: A supplier who can offer local support while using its global knowledge base is ideal.

The total value of ownership (TVO) approach: When creating streamlined processes, businesses must consider TVO as well. TVO includes the additional value that a customer achieves beyond their product purchase, as demonstrated by advanced delivery programs, collaborative design environments, the utilization of R&D resources, and special packaging services, just to mention a few.

Communicating openly is the key to success for suppliers: When changes are required in engineering or design, a collaborative and streamlined process is implemented, affecting all project touchpoints.

Flexibility and special services: Suppliers who go the extra mile to meet the needs of their customers are valued by medical supplies manufacturers. Access to after-hours services, inventory management, or technical training are examples of “perks” employers may offer.

Market knowledge: Suppliers who have extensive knowledge of the market conditions and how they impact your company are invaluable when it comes to chart a successful course for the future.

Financial stability: Medical supplies manufacturers typically prefer to partner with financially stable suppliers because of strict compliance and regulation requirements. Security and confidentiality clauses such as these do not only benefit one party, but they also permit the other company to learn about the other and better understand their needs, wants operating practices, and future goals.

The fact that you have a meaningful relationship with your supplier encourages them to invest and be innovative in ways that are tailored to your needs. The supplier of a medical supplies manufacturer is likely to consider its customers more often.

Medical device suppliers understand the need to have materials ready for aggressive media, extreme temperatures, pressures, and motion. In addition, the ability to clean chemically and resist steam sterilization is often another critical requirement as more devices are designed for reuse.


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