It’s often the case that when a parent becomes frail or vulnerable, then it’s good for them to be around family rather than struggle by on their own. You could decide to allow them to live in your home alongside you and the family. This could be great for the kids to see their grandparents more often and the same for the grandparents. There are certain things to consider before making the final decision to do this, so give it a bit of thought and find if it’s right for your set-up.

Make Sure You Have Space

As lovely as it may be to have the elderly parent with you all the time, it is crucial to ensure that you have the space for them. The first thing is a spare room; without this, you will never make it work, and there are many other uses for an extra room that you will be denied. But that’s not the only important thing. If you only have one sitting room, then it could make getting some recreational time to yourself difficult. 

Decide How Much Help They Need

If you are looking for them to move in with you, then there is a reason for this, and it’s likely to be health-related. Therefore, it stands to reason that you should assess what level of assistance they may need. This could be in terms of personal help, walking, bathing, or even eating. Or it could be modifications that are required in the home such as rails in the bathroom, a ramp to gain access or a stairlift to gain access to upper levels of the property.

Have a Plan for Hospital Treatment

The older any of us get, the more likely it is that we may need hospital treatment. It is essential to be ready for this possibility when an elderly parent lives with you. You should be aware of any medical issues they may have in case you need to be a point of contact. Insurance can also be a concern, would your family policy cover them? Or maybe they are on Medicare? Even if they are, it often doesn’t cover everything, and supplemental policies such as Aetna Medicare Plan G can be useful.

Your Own Time

All of this makes life very busy all of a sudden, and it’s now going to be more critical than ever to get some time to yourselves. An afternoon out with the rest of the family, or even a date night between yourselves can offer the physical and mental break you might need.

Difficult Decision

This is often going to be a situation that doesn’t have a definitive end date. However, in this situation, you are always going to have to face the awkward conversation of it being time to think about the idea of a nursing home. This isn’t always bad; there are many positive things for them, from medical facilities to social opportunities. There are things to consider in choosing a nursing home.