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Of all the phenomena in the world, the most constant is change. Change occurs whether we like it or not, and in most cases, we cannot decide if it would be a negative or positive change. Balding is one of the many negative changes that many people dread. The thought of losing hair is terrifying to many men, mostly because it changes their appearance and youngish looks. It may also be embarrassing to lose hair, especially when you’re still a youth!

As crazy as the entire situation may seem, in our modern-day world, it is not the end of the world. Researchers and dermatologists have worked tirelessly to create lasting solutions to hair loss. One major hair transplant procedure that can be used to battle your balding problem is Follicular Unit Transplant hair transplant.

What is Follicular Unit Transplant?

Also known as FUSS, Follicular Unit Strip Surgery, is one of the most common and more recent methods of hair transplantation. It’s a hair restoration technique where a strip of tissue is taken from the back of the head or any part of the head with hair that hasn’t thinned. This is known as the ‘donor site.’ This tissue is then moved to a special room where it is washed and then separated into grafts.

A graft is a piece of tissue that contains hair follicles ready to be planted. Once the pre-planting process is completed, the surgeon safely transplants these small separated grafts (hair tissues) in holes created in the head’s balding part. This is called the ‘recipient site.’

FUT is a more agreeable and advanced hair transplant method because it leaves you with a more natural look. You don’t end up looking like a poorly done hair job, unnatural or odd-looking. If done properly, your newly transplanted hair will grow just like your natural hair grows. It would imitate the natural hair on your head and replenish itself as neatly as it would normally grow, undetectable that you have had a hair transplant.

Who Can Use the Follicular Unit Transplant?

Although balding is usually occurring in men rather than females, there are many other reasons that may cause a woman to lose hair too; one of which is Alopecia. No matter who it is that is in need of a transplant, this procedure can cater to your hair needs.

Both men and women can use the FUT hair transplants method. Most women use it to replenish their hairline, eyebrows, or other areas in need of hair replacement. Men use it for their bald spots or any other area they may have lost hairs. 

FUT is more common than you can imagine; it is quite popular among many celebrities that have suffered hair loss. This means that you have only little to worry about in terms of its effectiveness, seeing as there are many more successful stories than not.

Benefits of FUT Hair Transplant

There are some benefits you stand to gain by choosing this hair transplant procedure. Here are a few of them:

  • It gives a more natural look than larger transplants.
  • It provides a better production of hair, unlike other procedures.
  • FUT is more affordable.
  • FUT is easily accessible.
  • It gives you permanent hair roots.
  • You can transplant a larger number of follicles in one session.


Hair loss doesn’t have to be the end of the road for your hair journey; you can still get your youthful look back without too much hassle. With a FUT Hair transplants, you would not only get your hair back, but you also get a spring in your step and a brilliant smile whenever you see your new look in the mirror! 


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