Five Reasons Why People May Develop Skin Problems

If you have an excellent complexion, chances are you don’t give much thought about any beauty regimen or even how your surroundings can affect your skin. However, realize that your skin condition and how it appears can significantly impact your total wellbeing.

When you have a terrific skin condition, it functions well to shield your body from harmful factors, such as allergens, pollutants, and other germs. Note that various internal and external elements can cause skin issues. Some of these you can control, but, more often than not, you can’t manipulate these aspects. Continue reading this article and understand the five reasons why people may develop skin problems.


In general, an individual’s genetics establishes their skin type. Whether one has normal, oily, dry, or combination skin, this factor affects their total skin condition. Moreover, genetics likewise gauges the skin’s biological aging marked by aspects like a slowdown in cell renewal and regrowth or decreased sebaceous discharges.

Please note, however, that natural skin aging is different from premature aging. When referring to premature skin aging, this condition results from external elements, such as the sun. Additionally, medical disorders like diabetes or kidney disease, which can be due to genetics, also impair skin problems.

To understand the link between diabetes and skin problems, you may check out this link for more information.


Besides genetics, hormones can also significantly affect your skin. Here’s how:

  • Hormonal fluctuations can prompt acne in adolescents.
  • Pregnant women experience higher production of melanin and melasma.
  • As part of the biological aging cycle, women’s estrogen production slows down. Estrogen is valuable when it comes to moisture symmetry of the skin. When the estrogen level decreases, skin structure also changes.


Here are ways climate can affect your skin:

  • When you live in cold areas, your skin adapts by shrinking the blood vessels to safeguard your body from dropping excessive heat. Prolonged cold weather lessens sebaceous gland discharge, resulting in dry skin.
  • Alternately, humid and hot weather leads in the sweat glands generating more sweat. If this condition happens, there will be too much moisture on your skin, and it can cause acne. Low humidity, such as those experienced in airplane flights, can also trigger skin sensitivity and dehydration.
  • Likewise, a hot climate can set off skin conditions, like rosacea. This fact is the premise why physicians recommend applying warm instead of hot water when taking a bath, washing hands, or cleaning the face.


Keep in mind that some medical procedures, like dialysis and radiotherapy, can cause the skin to be more delicate and susceptible to dryness.

Furthermore, medications such as diuretics, lipid-reducing drugs, chemotherapy, and laxatives have similar effects as the procedures above.


Another reason why people develop skin problems is due to stress. While this element still requires further study, excessive stress can lead to sensitive skin and induce acne. Thus, you need to sufficiently manage your stress by engaging in relaxing activities, minimizing workload, and practicing calming techniques.

Final Thoughts

Remember, when dealing with skin problems, don’t be anxious about seeking medical assistance. Nowadays, skin issues go along with stigma and embarrassment since these problems are most noticeable.

Consulting your primary healthcare provider is a vital step to combat this medical disorder. Discuss with the physician your skin problem, and, if needed, request a referral for a mental health specialist if the issue is affecting your well-being. Besides talking to your doctor, see to it that you also communicate the issues you’re facing with your loved ones and friends to obtain all the support you need.

However, in the end, bear in mind that you must realize your value with or without your skin troubles.


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