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Fighting Male Pattern Baldness

No one needs comforting words when it comes to male pattern baldness. You simply don’t want to hear it. You look at all those men with full heads of hair, and you start wondering: “Why is male pattern baldness happening to me?”

Well, it’s genetics. And where genetics are concerned, all you can do is make the most out of the situation. By combining better hair and scalp treatment with some amazing supplements, you can actually preserve your hair and even reverse hair loss. Don’t be afraid of getting an online prescription. UK-based shops can help.

Don’t Wait Around

Some men have even managed to go from completely bald to a solidly thick head of hair again. These, however, are rare occurrences. As a rule of thumb, you need to act as soon as possible, once you notice increased hair shedding. Generally, the more hair you lose, the more difficult it will be to restore its original density.

Some solutions will help you retain a full head of hair, but if you don’t act in time and don’t do all that’s necessary, make no mistake, you will lose hair.

Mild Thinning

Every person going through male pattern baldness starts experiencing mild thinning to start with. Ideally, you’ll have noticed increased shedding and have taken matters into your own hands.

Two supplements have proved successful in preventing male pattern baldness in the stages of mild thinning: finasteride and minoxidil.

Finasteride, also known as Propecia, works by inhibiting DHT, a hormone that miniaturizes hair follicles, which causes fall out. Find an online prescription UK-based shop that will help you order finasteride. There are a lot of them around.

The other supplement, minoxidil, usually comes in the form of a foam and is applied directly to the scalp. In addition to preventing hair loss and having beneficial effects on the follicles and hairs themselves, it promotes hair regrowth. This is done by activating potassium pathways, which helps facilitate hair regrowth. Don’t be scared by extra shedding the first couple of weeks. And don’t quit using minoxidil because of this. You can also find this supplement in most well-equipped online prescription UK-based shops.

You must realize that you’ll need to use both of these supplements continually if you don’t want male pattern baldness to resurface. Thankfully, said supplements are generally applied once per day, even every other day.

Moderate Thinning

If you’ve got to this stage, you’ve waited long enough. Too long, in fact. If there’s a bald spot on your scalp, you may well have missed the opportunity to promote regrowth. However, soon enough, if you start using the hair regrowth tools, you can grow hair to levels approaching solid coverage.

In addition to the above-mentioned supplements, this should help you recover some hair and cover those bald spots.

Heavy Thinning

Unfortunately, with heavy thinning, you’ve waited far too long. You could try the pharmaceutical options mentioned above, but getting your full head of hair back is slim. In heavy thinning cases, hair transplants are your best bet.

About 100,000 hairs are the average for an adult male. You’ll need at least 25,000 hairs on your head for something close to full coverage. If not, your hair will appear too thin. So, the best course of action? Act in time. If you’re reading this and are experiencing heavy thinning, make sure to do all that you can now.

Oh, and using the supplements from a reputable online prescription UK-based shop isn’t going to hurt matters.

Complete Baldness

Unless you’re part of an advanced medical study and an extremely lucky man, at that, you can’t expect a full head of hair from complete baldness. No, hair transplants are more-or-less out of the question with complete baldness.

So, until science gets there, try and think of new ways to enhance your dome.

Male Pattern Baldness

Bar complete baldness, there are steps you can take in order to regain that thick-hair look. Resort to trusted supplements, do your research, and don’t despair if the treatments don’t work immediately. These things tend to take time.

If you get your supplements from a trusted online prescription UK-based shop and take the matter into your own hands as soon as possible, you might be looking at a full head of hair once again.


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