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Why is exercise important with your diet plan to achieve successful weight loss?

Today obesity is a common big problem in the adult population throughout the world. It is a lifestyle disease, and we can have very much control over it. By adopting an active lifestyle and building healthy eating habits, one can overcome the problem of excess weight gain. Both physical exercise and a healthy diet plan are equally important for achieving weight loss. Diet plan helps in limiting the caloric intake, and exercise helps in expanding the calories. You can’t achieve your goal if you ignore any one of them as both complements each other to produce results.

How weight loss happens?

When our caloric intake is lesser than the calories spent throughout the day, we lose weight. It works on the principle of the law of conservation of energy, which says energy can neither be created nor destroyed; rather, it can only be transformed or transferred from one form to another. There are number of diet plans available for achieving weight loss goals. All these diet plans are based on the same basic principle of creating a caloric deficit. Exercise plays a very important role in expanding the calories. A well-planned diet and exercise routine together create a state of caloric deficit, which results in weight loss.

A pitfall of solely relying on a diet plan

We all know that an effective diet plan is critical for getting weight loss. But to deal with weight loss, we also need to understand the underlying reason for weight gain. One of the most common reasons for weight gain is inactivity. On the contrary sedentary people often seek the option of reducing weight, which doesn’t include physical activity. If we rely only on a diet plan for creating the caloric deficit, then it will cause nutritional deficiencies. The body also tries to conserve the stored energy, which is in the form of fat, and start using muscle instead as an energy source due to which metabolism of the body gets slowed down.

Challenge of maintaining the weight after weight loss

Once you reach in healthy weight range through caloric deficit over the period of time, the main challenge is to maintain the weight. To successfully manage the weight, you need to increase the metabolism of your body. It can be done more efficiently by regularly participating in weight training exercises. Resistance training helps in gaining lean muscle mass. Muscle is metabolic tissue and increases the metabolism of the body. You are being able to burn more calories even when not working out.

Exercise for bringing a permanent change

It is very important to include physical exercises in your lifestyle. It should become the way of life rather than just a time being method of weight loss. Weight lost through it is for the long term and a sustainable change. You get the habit of being physically active in your day to day life. The body also gets metabolically more active and limits the tendency to gain weight again. There are many other hormonal activities within the body that are positively affected by the exercises and help in maintaining the weight.

Building the right exercise program for weight loss

Physical exercises are overwhelming for most people. In the quest to lose weight, people join the gym, but they get confused about which exercises to do as so many options are available in the gym. At this point in time, they can take the help of a personal trainer. Workout plans for weight loss are different from the plans which are for gaining muscle. Personal trainers build customized workout plans as per your current fitness level and goals. They will also help you in doing the exercises in the correct form to get the desired results.

Some medical conditions on which exercise has a positive effect

There are some common medical conditions like Hypothyroidism, PCOD (Polycystic Ovary Disease), Diabetes, etc. which are responsible for excess weight gain. These conditions directly or indirectly affect the metabolism of the body. Through proper medication and actively participating in exercises, one can improve his or her conditions. Exercise plays a very important role in regulating glucose metabolism. It decreases the insulin resistance of the body, which is responsible for weight gain. Exercise hits the root cause of the problem and has a positive effect on overall health.


Thus exercise is an important component of any weight loss program. It helps in both losing weight and, thereafter, maintaining a healthy weight. It increases your resting metabolic rate, and you burn more calories throughout the day. A well-balanced diet and a sound workout program go hand in hand and are necessary to achieve a successful weight loss. Moreover, our body is a system that is made to move and do physical activities. If we minimize to do physical activities, then our body also stops functioning properly.

Manish Yadav

Manish Yadav is a ACE Certified Personal Trainer & Fitness Nutrition Specialist. He guides and suggests ways for lifestyle modification through My Fitness Goal.

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