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The Most Common Symptoms of Eye Disorders and Possible Solutions

The well-being of your eyes is significant in overall health. Vision loss is, however common eye problem affecting people of all ages. Staying aware of your eye health can reduce the chances of vision loss.

As of now, over 20 million suffer vision problems. Although some ocular conditions are minor and will go away on their own, most are more serious. Without proper intervention, such conditions can steal your vision.

It costs you nothing to monitor your eye health. Regular visits to discover vision centers can help you detect early signs of an eye problem. Early establishment of eye issues is necessary for the timely implementation of a treatment plan to preserve and protect your vision. Here are common symptoms of an eye problem to worry about.

Light Sensitivity

Are you feeling uncomfortable in bright light? If that is the case, you will likely suffer from Light sensitivity. The condition makes you squint in a brightly lit room. In severe cases, one feels pain whenever eyes are exposed to any sort of light.

Lazy Eye

When your eye is not properly developed, you are likely to experience lazy eyes. This condition weakens your vision, so it tends to move “lazily” around. The condition is most likely found in infants and children. However, it rarely affects both eyes.

So how do you make treatment? Timely treatment is necessary to prevent permanent vision loss. Ensure you seek immediate treatment, especially for infants and children.

Early detection and treatment can prevent lifelong vision problems. Treatment may include contact lenses or corrective glasses.


Most men experience this kind of problem. It happens when one can’t tell the difference between different colors.

The condition happens when the color cells in your eye don’t work properly. In severe cases, you can only see in shades of gray. While most cases show that people are born with it, you can also get it along your life from certain drugs and underlying conditions. It’s worse in more severe in men than women. Although there is no treatment for this condition, special contacts can help some people tell the difference between certain colors.


Eyestrains happen to anyone who spends more time reading, working on a computer, or even driving for long distances. Just like any other part of the body, your eyes get tired when overused.

The best remedy to this condition is to regularly give your eyes some time off. However, if the eyes feel weary after a few days, it is important to check with your eye specialist for early diagnosis and treatment.


Permanent vision loss can reduce the overall quality of your life. Although some eye problems are a natural consequence of aging, most of them result from an underlying condition or eye damage. Leading a healthy lifestyle can help to prevent eye problems from occurring.

However, it is advisable to contact lasik eye surgery kansas city mo, as soon as you experience any of the above signs for specialized treatment. That way, you will safeguard your eyes against permanent eye loss.


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