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9 Comfortable Clothing Items Every Medical Professional Should Own

When your daily routine consists of 12-hour workdays spent saving lives, you undoubtedly don’t have time to worry about uncomfortable clothes at work causing a distraction – and you don’t have the time or energy to figure it out after. As a medical professional, you likely know this feeling and you’re likely (and understandably) partial when it comes to the workwear you choose to add to your wardrobe.

But what about if you ARE finding yourself continuously uncomfortable at work as a medical professional? And what if you haven’t had the chance to become partial to a certain piece because, as we’ve noted, you don’t have the time or energy to put into finding it?

Whether they’re the clothes you wear before and after work, the clothes that you wear on your way to and from work, the clothes that you wear under your scrubs, or the essential scrubs themselves that you wear every day, they can have a major impact on your comfort and performance and should be chosen and invested in carefully. We know you have a busy schedule, so we’ve done the work and found the 9 essential clothing items that every medical professional needs.

Yoga Scrub Pants

Stretchy fabrics will dramatically improve your comfort level, and the type of waistband found on yoga scrub pants is the most comfortable and flattering of all pant closure styles. Along with this, yoga scrub pants will look good with almost any style of scrub top and take you a long way!

Long Sleeve Shirts

Long sleeve shirts are absolute essentials when it comes to the wardrobes of medical professionals, no matter what the specific role. Whether you’re wearing one as an undershirt and style statement with your scrubs, wearing one under your lab coat, shedding your uniform and wearing one as an after-work alternative, or choosing the perfect one to pair with a nice dress pant and accessory for a holiday work function, long sleeve shirts are versatile enough to work virtually anytime and are comfy enough to wear all the time. If you’re unsure what style to try, consider that crew and scoop necklines will work the best for covering any cleavage or chest hair that may peek out from your scrubs (as well as keep you the warmest), while solid-colored shirts will be the easiest to mix and match.

A Vest

A good vest will probably be one of the most valuable pieces for a medical professional, in the sense that it will be the most used and appreciated piece you own. Especially in hospital environments that are commonly kept at a cooler temperature, warming your core will be what you need, and a vest will be the most convenient way to do it. In addition to being easy to add or shed, vests offer breathability, extra pocket space, and they won’t get in your way or restrict movement – all while contributing to your professional image.

A Lightweight Jacket

As mentioned above, hospitals are notoriously cold environments – and there is nothing that you can do about it except dress appropriately. And while you may want to cozy up in a thick, fluffy parka or sweater, there are a lot of reasons why this isn’t the answer. What you’ll want instead for exceptionally cold shifts is a lightweight, moisture-wicking, breathable but warm jacket that’s noninvasive to your professional image and offers you lots of pockets as storage space for your supplies.

A Fleece Jacket

Though your lightweight jacket will be your go-to cover-up for cold days, there will be moments where it’s just not enough. For these moments, a fleece jacket will be the key. Your comfort is priority number one when you’re choosing this jacket, but don’t forget to consider the color and style as well to land a piece that helps you project the professional image you want – because your patients and colleagues will inevitably catch glimpses of you in it!

Favorable Footwear

Favorite, if not essential, footwear features for medical professionals include time-saving slip-on styles, fall-stopping non-slip soles, energy-reserving support, and odor- and stain-resistant features. Along with this, favorite styles of footwear for medical professionals include clogs and running shoes. With that in mind, your footwear is a very personal piece of clothing that has a major effect on your comfort, so don’t feel like you have to stick with what works for other medical professionals if it doesn’t work so well for you!

Jogger Scrub Pants

Jogger-style scrub pants are generally soft, breathable, and offer unrivaled stretch – unlike many other common styles of scrubs. Most all, jogger scrubs are comfortable with abundant cargo pockets, and most offer an adjustable drawstring waistband for additional comfort. As a bonus, jogger-style pants are a trend that’s hot and sure to continue burning for some time!

Scrub Caps

Not only do medical professionals not have the time in their busy schedules to fiddle with their clothing, but they don’t have the time (or sometimes the ability) to fix their hair when it falls into their face – or a patient’s. Having your hair out of your face, a layer of fabric to absorb any forehead sweat, and a potential cover for oily hair if necessary is more than comforting!

Therefore, the scrub cap not only has the function of absorbing sweat but also prevents the
harm of static electricity in the working environment to the human body.

Face Masks

Comforting for the safety they provide and the warmth they can add, and exciting for the style that they can lend, face masks are encouraged in bulk! Not only is it best to buy multiple masks for safety’s sake, but the right masks can act as conversation starters and even help you celebrate the season or a holiday.

Covered in More Ways Than One

As a medical professional, the nature of the landscape means that you never know what sort of temperatures you’ll face or tasks you’ll cover – but with the right pieces, you can know that your clothes will always have you covered!


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