“A new baby is like the beginning of all things – wonder, hope, a dream of possibilities.

– Eda J. Le Shan 

When a woman enters motherhood, things change drastically. Not just physical and emotional changes, but the hassle of taking care of herself and the baby is a new experience altogether. 

If you are one of such new mothers expecting or have recently been bestowed with a little life in your lap, then don’t miss on these 7 infant care tips. 

Hold The Baby Appropriately

Hold The Baby Appropriately

There have been cases when the baby died due to neck bone damage. It happens when the baby is not held properly. People often forget to take care of the baby’s neck and head. 

To avoid any mishappening, secure the baby’s head with your elbow area while keeping the other hand under the baby’s back to ensure complete security. 

(View the image below for better illustration)

Keep Sanitizer By Your Side

Your little bundle of joy remains prone to infections and allergies for at least 1-2 years, so make sure you are using an herbal hand sanitizer before feeding, holding, or cleaning the baby. 

Pay Attention To Your Diet

The more nutrients you include in your diet, the more energy your baby will get out of it. Till the time you are breastfeeding the baby, make sure to double your diet to ensure you are eating enough for both of you. Include- cereals, vegetables, pulses, fruits, juices & nuts in your diet while eliminating junk food and processed food from your diet. 

Choose Baby Care Products Wisely

Choose Baby Care Products Wisely

Just because a baby product brand is well-celebrated throughout the world doesn’t mean its products cannot harm you. The Johnson and Johnsons baby talcum powder lawsuits are a perfect example. 

After a lot of American women claimed to have ovarian cancer after using J&J baby powder, the product was taken under medical inspection, where it was found that the powder had some asbestos elements producing ovarian cancer in women. 

Due to this, many women have died already. After this, gynecologists suggest to evaluate product baby care products or stick to medically recommended products only. To avoid any hazardous circumstances, you can go for organic baby care brands like- Mama Earth, Pigeon, etc.

Baby Sleeping Postures

Baby Sleeping Postures

A happy baby sleeps for at least 16 hours a day. To ensure so, you may need to take care of the below things- 

● Never surround your baby with too many toys 

● Do not place more than one or two pillows around the baby

● Always place the baby on their back 

● If possible sleep next to your baby while giving the baby enough space to breathe comfortably

Comfort Your Baby

Comfort Your Baby care

As your baby can’t voice his or her need, try reading the signs. When the baby cries constantly, it can be due to wet diapers, hunger pangs, or it’s craving to be in your arms.

If feeding the baby doesn’t work, give a gentle massage on the back and stretch the baby’s hands and legs softly. 

Umbilical Cord Care

As a mother, you need to be extra-careful until umbilical cord heals properly. Apart from this, when your baby undergoes circumcision, make sure to the baby’s private area clean and dry. For instance, if it’s a baby body, the tip of the baby’s penis should be dry, and it should not rub on the diaper anyhow. 

Note: When practicing any of these care tips, make sure to consult the gynecologists to avoid any negligence. 

The Final Word- 

The first-time mothers often worry about baby care & diet precautions. While paying attention to hygiene, mothers often neglect to evaluate the baby care product ingredients to see if the products are safe for their little bundle of joy. 

Many women have understood the importance of keeping a check on baby care products quality either after suffering or witnessing the Johnson & Johnson baby talcum powder ovarian cancer lawsuit cases. 

Resulting, many women died, and a lot are still suffering from it. To prevent your baby or yourself from such hazardous health conditions, make sure to choose baby products wisely.