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9 Signs You Need To See An Orthodontist

If you have concerns or questions about your teeth’s positioning and other dental problems associated with the jaw and mouth, you need to visit the nearest orthodontics clinic instead of a general dental clinic. An orthodontist is a dentist specializing in treating malocclusion, which is one of the common dental problems.

Also referred to as bad bides, malocclusion usually happens when your teeth are crowded or your lower and upper teeth don’t align when you close your mouth. Fortunately, specialists similar to Alta Smiles orthodontists can correct such problems. With additional training and education, they can also fix other significant issues that regular dentists can’t.

If you’re unsure whether to see an orthodontist, here are the signs you should look out for:

You’re Not Confident In Your Smile

If your smile is uneven, crooked, or gapped, you may want to hide your smile, resist smiling, or avoid photographs. However, it doesn’t have to be. You deserve to feel more confident in your smile and proudly show it to everyone. So, if you feel embarrassed with your smile, it’s a sign you need to see an orthodontist and get the right orthodontic treatment that’ll change your life.

You Have Speech Issues

There are various reasons some people have trouble with their speech. One of these is an orthodontic problem. If you often experience difficulty saying particular words or if you notice your kid is struggling, it might be time to schedule a consultation with an orthodontist for a dental check-up.

You Experience Jaw Or Mouth Pain

If you start to experience pain in the jaw or the mouth, you should immediately see an orthodontist. For this kind of problem, there might be other underlying factors.

One of these is the temporomandibular joint (TMJ), which affects your jaw joints and other surrounding ligaments and muscles. It can be due to an improper bite, trauma, wear and tear, and arthritis. The common symptoms may include facial pain, headaches, and tenderness.

As a solution, an orthodontist will provide you with braces to help fix jaw and teeth alignment. Wearing braces can also help relieve jaw pain caused by a misaligned bite.

You Have Bad Breath

Even if bad breath is a common problem that doesn’t require the orthodontist’s help, persistent bad breath, even after your daily dental routine, is a sign of a dental problem. Bad breath can be due to bacteria stuck in your crooked or crowded teeth. When left untreated, it may result in an infection. To avoid that, it’s time to see an orthodontist.

You Have Crowded Teeth

Another sign you must visit an orthodontist is when you deal with crowded teeth. While some are okay with this, overcrowded teeth aren’t only a cosmetic problem because they may result in difficulty chewing and speaking. It may even trap food in hard-to-reach areas. Once you disregard this, it may lead to tooth decay and gum diseases such as periodontitis and gingivitis.

You Have Bite Problems

Malocclusion is typical in most adults. There are several kinds of bite problems such as open bite, overbite, crossbite, and underbite. Bite issues affect the shape of one’s face. Vanity aside, correcting them is critical because they may cause physical problems such as clenching, grinding, speech issues, and headaches.

Overbites, also called buck teeth, happen when the upper front teeth stick out over the lower teeth even when the mouth is closed. Underbites are the opposite, and they’re often known as the bulldog look, which refers to the animal’s distinct facial feature. Once your jaw is resting, your lower teeth are positioned behind the front of your upper teeth.

A crossbite, on the other hand, is a type of malocclusion that’s caused by genetics. Other kids are born with a narrow upper jaw, causing misaligned lower teeth. Over time, this may cause arthritis, pain, and severe jaw damage.

You Have Teeth Gaps

Small teeth gaps won’t cause too much harm to your smile. However, if you have bigger gaps between your teeth, you must visit an orthodontist to fix the gaps. Otherwise, bacteria and food may get caught in the spaces, or you might experience speech or eating difficulties.

Your Teeth Shift

If you’ve worn braces since you were a kid, you may need to wear adult braces again because the teeth shift as you age. There are also instances where some people’s teeth move faster than others.

For this reason, you may experience discomfort, especially if you don’t want others to see your misaligned teeth. So, if you want straighter teeth and be confident again, an orthodontist can help you solve your problems with teeth shift.

You Often Experience Teeth Grinding

In some cases, your lower and upper teeth grind against one another voluntarily. In addition, teeth grinding may happen while you’re sleeping, causing the jaws to be sore when you wake up. Once you notice this issue, it’s wise to see an orthodontist as soon as possible.


If you experience the above signs, seeing an orthodontist is an essential consideration. The best orthodontist can help transform your smile and bring back your confidence. However, to experience such benefits, make sure to choose the most reliable orthodontist or orthodontics clinic in your area that guarantees top-notch quality services.


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