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7 Reasons to Study Biology in 2023

Biology involves the study of all living beings, which includes human beings, animals, plants, and microorganisms. If you are passionate about the study of the science of life, then you must opt for an undergraduate degree in biology.

In biology major, you will study different courses which are related to anatomy, chemistry, and math. You will also get the opportunity to work in the laboratory and hone the relevant skills, which can help you build a lucrative career.

Earning a biology degree can open the gates of rewarding opportunities for you to work in biomedical science, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, and in the medical field. There are plenty of reasons to invest in a biology degree. Apart from the healthy pay scale and exciting career opportunities, it allows you to explore different aspects of living organisms. More importantly, it can help you to pursue your passion in the field of medicine and research.

Let’s find out why you should study biology in 2023.

Higher Pay Scale

One of the benefits that biology graduates get is competitive pay which they can earn by qualifying for different advanced jobs. Each biology major offers different career opportunities, so the pay scale can vary accordingly.

It is better to do some research about the existing opportunities according to your biology major. For example, if you want to opt for arts in biology major, you must research beforehand to find out about the possible career options. It will give you an idea about the current pay range, so making a final decision will be easier for you.

Earning a bachelor of arts in biology degree can make you eligible for a teaching position in high school or a research technician in a biotech company. On the other hand, you can also consider other majors according to your area of interest, which include Microbiology, Molecular biology, Biotechnology, and Marine biology.

Different research studies show that individuals with biology degrees working in the pharmaceutical field earn handsome salaries.

Excessive Job Opportunities

Just like the ability to earn a higher pay scale, earning a biology degree can also provide you with plenty of job opportunities. The skills that biology graduates have a huge demand.

Many employers from the healthcare, public service, and biotech sectors look for qualified individuals who can positively contribute to their businesses.

As a biology graduate, you can become eligible to apply for jobs in agriculture, forensic science, environmental conservation, healthcare, zoology, and in different fields. It shows the broad range of job opportunities that you can avail of by earning a bachelor’s in biology.

Great Research Opportunities

Another reason that you must invest in biology education is the availability of plenty of research opportunities. The research programs in this degree allow students to positively contribute to the community and society.

Students get a chance to participate in professional research projects to make new scientific discoveries. They get the chance to meet professionals from the field who have years of experience in the industry. In this way, students not only get to know about research opportunities but also get a chance to build a strong network.

Some students with a biology degree also pursue a career in the research field as biological technicians. There are plenty of opportunities available for this position in the food science and agriculture field that help to improve the food safety and efficiency of agricultural procedures.

Plenty of Options to Choose Specialization

One of the benefits of studying biology is that you get plenty of options to choose your major. It is a massive field of study, so you have different subdisciplines to choose from.

Some of the options which you can consider include Molecular biology, Environmental Biology, Evolutionary Biology, Plant Biology, and Human Biology. To choose the right major, analyze the relevant career options first and then decide whether it would be the best fit for you or not.

Exciting Internships

In the initial phase of your career, you require good internship opportunities to hone your skills and prepare yourself for practical life.

Students who pursue a biology education usually have various internship opportunities. They can work in a pharmacy or healthcare center and even volunteer to work for biotech companies. These exciting opportunities help you to gain hands-on knowledge and experience in the industry, which can positively impact your career growth.

Follow your Passion

A biology degree not only opens the doors of diverse career opportunities for you but also allows you to pursue your passion. It enables students to dig deep down into their favorite subjects and explore various complex aspects of biology.

You not only harness relevant skills through extensive training but also get the chance to explore interesting concepts of the field. It helps you understand how you can positively contribute to the field and accomplish your career goals.

Nothing could be more satisfying than discovering different secrets of life science. While pursuing this degree, you will get the chance to study different aspects of biology.

Firstly, you will study molecular biology, which will provide you the fundamental knowledge of the natural world. Furthermore, you will study cellular biology and organisms which will provide you with deep insights related to the inner-functionality of living things.

Pursuing a Career as a Bio-entrepreneur

If you want to establish your business as a biology graduate, then you also have this option. Bio-entrepreneurship is becoming popular nowadays among biologists who want to establish their businesses on their own terms.

However, it is challenging to pursue a career in bio-entrepreneurship as the biology degree is not sufficient for it. You need to earn a business degree and get some practical experience to know how companies operate and manage people.

There are plenty of opportunities available when it comes to bio-entrepreneurship. You can invest in a medicine store or in genetic engineering company if you have enough resources. Additionally, you can also build an organization that can offer services to address and fix biological and environmental issues.


There are plenty of reasons for pursuing a biology degree. From a competitive pay scale to plenty of job opportunities to various specialization options, it can positively impact your academic and professional career in different ways. It can help you follow your passion and dreams, so make the right choice by investing in this degree.


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