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6 Ways Dental Implants Can Enhance Your Life

As dental implants become the norm for tooth replacement in modern dentistry, many people find themselves wondering exactly what dental implants can do for them.

It’s safe to say that there is a fear hangover of the scary dental implants of yesteryear, leaving patients unsure when making the choice to go ahead with dental implant surgery.

But thanks to incredible technological advancements in the implantology arena, dental implants are not only painless to install, but they also look just like the real thing.

So, how can dental implants enhance your life?

What are dental implants?

Dental implants are a great solution to replace a missing tooth or teeth. They work by surgically placing a screw into your jawbone (usually made of titanium) and then attaching the fake tooth/teeth to the screw. The entire process can take a few months overall, depending on the level of work needed and how your body reacts to the implants.

As every mouth is unique, your cosmetic dentist will work closely with you to ensure your implants fit your mouth comfortably so that no one except you will know you’ve got implants in place (it will be our little secret!).

Why choose dental implants over dentures or bridges?

You might be wondering then why you would opt for what sounds like such an invasive procedure rather than going for a simpler solution like dentures or dental bridges.

The truth is, simple doesn’t always mean a better solution.

The benefit dental implants have over all other solutions for tooth replacement is that by implanting the prosthetic teeth into the jaw, like a natural tooth, your tooth is locked in place and won’t move around.

On the other hand, dentures and dental bridges aren’t so stable. While dental bridges can last for five to fifteen years, they are less protected should you face a heavy impact on your teeth.

Another reason dental implants are much better for you than dentures or dental bridges is that they help prevent gum disease. Gum disease in its worst form can cause your jawbone to wear away, causing pain and changes in your facial structure.

When you get dental implants, your dentist will ensure they have checked for signs of gum disease before carrying out the procedure and treat that first. Then, thanks to the implant, the bone grows around the screw leaving no room for nasty bacteria to get in and wreak havoc.

Dentures do not provide this same level of protection, and in fact, they can accelerate the erosion of your jawbone thanks to the grinding and movement of the denture as you talk and eat.

Similarly, as dental bridges are fused with the adjoining teeth as opposed to the jawbone, micro gaps can form, which allow bacteria to get in, which is then very difficult to clean. This then invites the increased possibility of gum disease beginning.

That’s why the thoroughness of dental implants far outweighs the simplicity of dentures and dental bridges.

So with that said, how else can dental implants improve your life?

Six ways dental implants enhance your life

Smile with confidence

Life is full of happy moments that warrant the biggest smile plastered across your face. But when you feel insecure about the way your teeth (or lack thereof) look, you do everything in your power to not smile.

But, by getting dental implants, you can rest easy knowing your smile will radiate naturally and light up the room once more.

And if you’re worried that your teeth will look unnatural or silly, don’t! We’ve seen a lot of examples in recent years of ridiculous looking veneers amongst Hollywood greats and Instagram’s finest that may lead you to avoid the idea of dental implants.

But a good implantologist will ensure that the dental implants you get match your natural teeth and mouth shape so that they blend in seamlessly as if you were born with them!

So if you ever catch someone staring when you smile, you can be confident knowing that it’s a reflection of the beautiful presence your smile brings.

Get your foodie hat on

Missing teeth, dentures, dental bridges… they all limit the food you can eat. Most people with any of these tend to opt for soft food as it’s the easiest to chew and doesn’t cause pain or make any dental apparatus move in your mouth.

But how boring is it to only be able to eat just a select few foods for the rest of your life?! You shouldn’t have to restrict yourself to a limited menu just because a couple of teeth fell out!

After all, one of the quickest ways to travel around the world is by experiencing the rich cuisine each country has to offer, even if you do so from the comfort of your own home.

So by having dental implants, you’ll never have to say no to a crunchy bowl of veggies or a well-seasoned cut of meat ever again!

No more FOMO

Let’s be honest; when we feel self-conscious about the way we look, we don’t really want other people to see us. And this is especially true when our mouth, an incredibly focal part of our body, doesn’t look the way we want it to.

For some people, this lack of confidence in the way they look can lead them to cancel on fun plans with loved ones. Either they don’t want to be seen, or the preparation will take too long (for example, going to a restaurant while wearing dentures).

But with dental implants, they look, act, and feel like your natural teeth. This means you don’t have to think twice when making plans; your dental implants will never fail you.

So no more missing out on life’s greatest moments with friends and family because you have to sneak off and clean your dentures; you can go back to living life to the fullest!

Wave goodbye to cavities

After going through a complex treatment like having a dental implant, the last thing you want is to have to worry about it breaking. And while you do still need to take care to look after it by brushing and flossing regularly to avoid a build-up of bacteria; you can rest knowing that your implant is made of robust materials that don’t get cavities.

Which means you don’t need to worry about any trips to the dentist to have your teeth drilled (not your implants, at least).


Dental implant procedures are complex, so you want to be sure you can depend on them for a long time to come. Dental implants, when cared for correctly, come with a lifetime expectancy. And for most people, they can expect a minimum of 20-30 years of use from their implants with great aftercare.

What that means for you is that once your procedure is complete and you’ve healed from the surgery; you shouldn’t have to worry about your implants ever again.

And since you are investing a significant amount of money into your smile. It’s good to know that it will be money well spent!

Minimal post placement care required

As we previously touched on, other methods of tooth replacement require extra steps to care for them.

Dentures need to be taken out and cleaned regularly to ensure there is no build-up of bacteria that can cause gum disease. Likewise, dental bridges need extra care to make sure your gums are not being neglected as the risk for bacteria build-up is higher.

Another way in which dental implants act just like your own teeth is that the only thing you need to do to look after them is brush and floss regularly, which you should be doing anyway. And, of course, getting regular check-ups, but hopefully, you’re doing that already, right?

So that means instead of taking precious time out of your life to tend to your teeth; you can spend that time on yourself, doing the things you love without worrying about your teeth.

Final thoughts

If you have experienced tooth loss and are unsure of what to do, dental implants are the best way forward. They are the most protective, look like your own teeth, and don’t disrupt your life.

And if the cost worries you, many clinics offer payment plans meaning you can afford your implants for as little as the price of your daily Starbucks coffee!


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