4 Ways Women Can Deal With Thinning Hair

While there have been products for men with thinning hair for many years, there is not the same availability for women who are balding or have thin hair.

As women age, many start to notice that their hair is thinning. Even the thickest hair can become thinner with age. In some cases, diet and routine have a lot to do with thinning hair. Using harsh products can make your hair heavy enough to pull itself out, and these issues can leave you feeling like your hair is getting thinner every day.

The good news is most hair loss in women can be reversed. With the help of Therapy Hair Studio and a few lifestyle changes, you can take control over your thinning hair. Let’s take a look at a few ways women can manage their thinning hair.

Choose the Right Products

There are thousands of different products out there for your hair. Some give you a glossy finish, some are designed to enhance natural curl, and others are used for styling. The problem is that many of these hair products contain heavy ingredients that weigh down and dry out your hair. When your follicles get damaged, your roots aren’t as strong as they once were. When you have heavy products on weak hair, it can lead to loss. Choose products that are not heavy on your hair, like styling sprays or leave-in conditioners.

Change Your Diet

We all know that it’s tough to eat a healthy diet when our schedules are so busy. But, your lack of proper nutrition may cause your hair thinning problems. If your body is not getting the right minerals, vitamins, and nutrients, it can lead to an iron or zinc deficiency in your body. If you don’t have enough iron, it can affect your hair and nails, making them brittle and more susceptible to breaking or falling out. Fill your diet with protein and foods high in iron to help thicken your hair.


If you are struggling to get the nutrients and vitamins you need in your diet, you may consider a supplement. A women’s multivitamin is a good supplement that will help improve the condition of your hair, but it might not be enough. You may need to take an iron supplement to help with your thinning hair.

Talk to Your Stylist

If you are struggling with thinning hair, the solution may be as easy as visiting your stylist. Talk to your hairdresser about your thinning hair issues and ask for their advice about the best type of cut for you. Many women can reduce the look of thinning hair by adding a few layers to their style.

If you are starting to notice that your hair is getting thinner, there is no need to panic. With a few lifestyle and diet changes, a visit to your stylist, and the right nutrition, you will start to see your hair growing thicker and become more luxurious.


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