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4 New Activities and Hobbies for the Over 80s to Try

One of the overarching benefits (of the many) afforded to older adults is the freedom to essentially do exactly what you like, when you like. As such, whether you are looking for a new hobby to begin, or you want to expand your social circle, this article is for you.

Continue reading to discover four new activities and hobbies for the over 80s to try.

1. Photography

Photography, unfortunately, has been somewhat hijacked in the minds of younger people who simply believe that snapping a quick picture with their permanently attached smartphone is better than using an actual camera.

Real photography, however, means getting out there in nature and capturing images that speak to you and that you consider to be extraordinary, beautiful, or indeed, a combination of the two

If you are thinking of taking up photography as your new hobby for this year, you could even look into local photography clubs in your area, which will combine your new passion with the expansion of your social circle.

2. Start a Blog

It may well be that you are not what you would deem au fait with the internet and the online world, and if so, then this next suggestion is probably not for you.

However, if you have embraced the technological takeover in recent years, then one exciting new hobby to throw yourself into would be to start writing your own online blog.

Some helpful tips to get you started include the following:

  • Only ever write about what you love and what excites you
  • Look into trending topics to ensure that your content will be read by many people
  • Encourage discussion and interaction in the comment section of your blog
  • Completely disregard any comments from negative keyboard warriors
  • Always include a host of relevant images
  • Create punchy and eye-grabbing titles and sub-headers
  • Make sure you regularly post new content to keep your readers engaged

3. Trips Out in Nature

There is nothing more refreshing and health-inducing, both for the body and the mind, than spending a few hours in nature; and what is more, a trip out with other like-minded older adults makes for a social occasion too.

Los Angeles independent senior living communities and other prestigious locations offer a huge range of both independently and group-led activities and day trips, and this is indeed one of the main reasons why so many older people choose to make this move.

4. Nurture Your Creative Side

If you have a myriad of children and grandchildren, and Christmas and birthdays come with an expense (not to mention a lot of extra shopping), then one fantastic focus for your new hobby could be to start making your own greeting cards.

More than that, you could even start to learn some new baking recipes to produce homemade and delicious sweet bakes and treats for gifts; just be careful that you do not become so adept that there will be queues forming outside your front door every time you switch the oven on.


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